December 2014

With New Year’s eve just around the corner, Career & Life Planning have put together 4 questions aimed to help you put the imbalance of work and life back in to your hands where you finally get to manage and enjoy both aspects jointly. With the New year in mind ask yourself the following:


We are delighted to offer 24 people the opportunity to significantly improve their personal and professional lives using our “5 Steps to Success” coaching programme.

Who is this competition for?


Career & Life Planning expanded again in 2014 and opened a Galway location in GMIT.  In order to  continue growing the business, we have invested into 3 new systems; a fully integrated CRM package, finance & accounting software plus a Learning Management System.   We’ve also added additional resources including Marketing, Administration, Business Development and Certified Trainers.


Christmas & New Year are often associated with many traditions of family get-togethers, parties, holidays and setting goals for the year ahead.

Both Christmas & New Year are big events in the calendar for everyone; the executive running a company, the employee within an organisation meeting deadlines, a student in college studying for exams, a teenager balancing homework, exams etc and also those that are unfortunately out of work and looking for their next opportunity. (more…)