About The Management Training Programme

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The CALP Success Programme…

is a Management Development Programme which uses the “5 Steps to Success Methodology”. It provides managers with the pivotal skills and supports to enable them to manage themselves, their workload, employees and their manager(s) effectively in a modern business environment for both personal and professional benefit. The management training programme is modular based, and is supported by coaching, with measurable results for better performance.

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Who is the programme suitable for?

  • Managers who are new to management
  • Selected employees within the first 12 months of employment
  • Permanent employees who are changing jobs or roles
  • Employees who are taking on additional responsibility on a project

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Benefits to Organisations:

  • More engaged and focused employees
  • Suitable for all levels of manager and can be tailored to suit different business needs in local or global markets quickly
  • Increase in performance and results
  • Proven methodology for coaching and training that delivers results
  • Minimum time disruption to employees
  • High Quality content relevant to specific business needs
  • Faster return on investment as training is completed in 1 month

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Benefits for the Individual:

  • Programme tailored to the individual’s specific needs with defined objectives to improve performance
  • Focus on the individual’s interpersonal skills and build better relationships
  • Assess the individual’s own performance as a manager and plan to improve it
  • Learn how to maintain that performance

Calp Success is an Evidence Based Model*


We’re aware that traditional training programs result in the Forgetting Curve which is a common occurrence after training.  In order to improve the results of the training, we researched best practice techniques and

designed the training to give maximum impact in a short period of time combing both training & coaching to give better results and increased accountability.

5 Programme Components :


Indicative Course Content Groups

Mandatory Unit: Introduction to 5 Steps to Success Methodology

1 Teams2---Personal3---Performance4---Interpersonal5---Leadership

Delivery Format

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The Forgetting Curve

The forgetting curve shows how information is lost over time when there is no attempt to retain it. No matter how good the training is or how relevant, the reality is people forget shortly after training occurs. The Success Programme eliminates this risk to ensure a better return on investment for both employers and employees.

As we know that people will naturally start to forget what they have learned, we introduce multiple supports immediately after the training to reinforce what they have learned, keep them focused on their agreed goals and more importantly aligned to how they are going to apply new techniques to improve business performance.

After the 2nd week, mentoring is introduced which accelerates the persons ability to not only apply the learning but to develop new systems and behaviour that will lead to better performance and outcomes.

After the mentoring session is complete, additional supports are introduced to ensure they stay focused on preparing to deliver the outcomes to their manager by the end of week 4.

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