Career Transformation

Are you at a career crossroads, wondering, “What’s next?” in your career? Do you feel stuck in your career? Career & Life planning will work closely with you to get a clear direction of where you want your career to be. Using proven programs and techniques Career & Life Planning will make Your Career Transformation as smooth as possible and get the direction and encouragement you need so you can feel calm, clear, and confident about a new vision for work.

Self-employment to Employee

There are plenty of benefits to working for yourself. The flexibility, the profits, the ability to build something. All are great lures for those who like the challenge of an entrepreneurial business. However, the same factors that attract people to self-employment can also become a burden. Career & Life planning can help you in this transition and support you into making the correct decision for you and your future.

Employee to self-employment

Career & Life Planning understands that the transition from being employed to being your own boss can be a difficult one. We will work with you on some of the fundamentals necessary to make the transition as smooth as possible:

  • Money Management
  • Time Management
  • Gaining Clients

Starting your own Business

If you have decided that entrepreneurship is the way forward for you then Career & Life Planning can help. Sometimes even the basics steps in the entrepreneurial process can seem daunting. We will work with you to identify some of the key necessary for you and your business including funding and legislation, setting goals & objectives, customer identification, competitor analysis, financials and business plan completion.
Career & Life Planning will provide individuals seeking to start their own business the skills, management tools and expertise in making the right decisions, planning and organising effectively. It will help individuals gauge what will be required in order to keep their new venture running effectively and efficiently.