CV Preparation & Cover Letters

The Career & Life Planning Process

CV Preparation Dublin

1. Understand Background

Career and Life Planning focuses on designing CV’s that will get you noticed to employers. We have delivered CV preparation skills workshops to hundreds of people all of whom had variety of experiences, competencies and education backgrounds. The end result for each client is that they have produced and own a document that is very professional and accurate. This allows you to comfortably apply for positions and to use your document to highlight not just what they have done but more importantly where they have added value in their careers to date. We always try to work with each person to understand their perspective on what role they are applying for and, more importantly, two other factors; What do they want the company to see them as on their CV and secondly What is the profile of the person who is going to be reviewing that cv – HR, Manager, etc..

2. Competency Review

We will encourage you to compare and contrast your experience against competencies that organisations typically look for and conduct a detailed experience overview on competencies that organisations are looking for such as:

  • teamwork
  • responsibility
  • influencing skills
  • organisation
  • motivation
  • leadership
  • decision making
  • communication
  • career motivation

With our extensive experience of the recruitment industry, our advisors have gained comprehensive knowledge across all key industries allowing for greater acknowledgment to potential employers. Our process uses a mix of techniques to understand your background, education and work history and blend those experiences into competencies that employers are looking for today.

3. CV Design and Delivery

We then design a CV that suits those skills and allows you to feel comfortable with your Curriculum Vitae. All CV’s are checked by 2 members of the Career & Life Planning team to ensure that we have followed the correct procedure, that no errors on grammar, punctuation or structure are evident on your document and it highlights key strengths for you. All CV’s can be formatted suitable for Mac, Word, PDF, Powerpoint etc. Career & Life planning will also help you prepare a Cover Letter to go with your CV.
A potential employer’s first impression of you is your cover letter. Your cover letter introduces you and your CV so a well-structured and well written cover letter is essential. A Cover Letter should explain your experiences in a story-like format that works with the information you’ve provided in your resume. A Cover Letter should allow you to go in-depth about important experiences/skills and relate them to job experiences. We treat your CV preparation and this process very seriously and if done correctly, it can significantly help you improve your career.