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They said “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, and anything worthwhile rarely is. We think the same applies to our new CALP Corporate website, and we are pleased to announce that it is finally ready.

Visit the new CALP Corporate Website

CALP Corporate is the corporate division of Career & Life Planning.   This is where we provide both Management Development and Executive Coaching programmes to support all levels within an organisation.

We’re working with some great clients in both Ireland & USA and getting great feedback on our approach using our 5 Steps to Success Coaching Methodology which is core to all services.  We hope this new website will allow us to provide more people get both the “Enjoyment & Success” in both personal and professional life that we are passionate about enabling.

If you are interested in learning how we do it, get in touch and we’ll help you get started with some free advice to help you in your role.

Visit the new CALP Corporate Website