Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills Dublin


Career & Life Planning work with people in a variety of situations to help them deliver presentations that simply are more Enjoyable for them and for the people who they are presenting to.

This might seem difficult to understand as most people who have a fear of public speaking do not associate the words Presentation & Enjoyment in the same sentence.

By using our Coaching Methodology, we help people Cope & Adapt to all the emotions they have going on with preparing for the presentation.  We then introduce them to proven tools and techniques that will Improve their delivery and outline a plan to help you Maintain that standard so your presentation skills become more Enjoyable for all concerned.

Learn to Present and Publicly Speak

We assess your natural style of delivery and create a style that you are comfortable working towards using a mix of Attitude, Coaching, Behaviour and Processes to help you de-risk the presentation and ensure you can remain in control of getting your message across, in your terms, your way.  We break the presentation into different sections to help you learn and deliver very strong content using your own unique style.

We’ve used this format to help many clients prepare for Exams, Interviews, Board Presentations, Conferences and Public Speaking engagements in different industries and settings.