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  • Specialist Division within Career & Life Planning’s Career Coaching & Training Company
  • Qualified Career Employability Specialists managing Employment Activation Programmes in different locations of Ireland like Galway, Limerick, Etc. and USA like Boston, New York, Etc.
  • Significant experience of managing Activation Programmes for Solas, Momentum, Skillnets, ETB’s, DSP, Pobal & other public sector organisations
  • Specifically designed products and services to help your organisation deliver Activation Programmes and deliver excellent results.

Employment Activation Services


4 Day Programme Developed in conjunction with IEP. This is a highly sought after course designed specifically for individuals and organisations who work in the employability and activation sectors. The course helps improve organisation and learner outcomes jointly.


Covering 15 Strategies that are proven to help people leave unemployment. Each of these strategies is critically important in improving the job seekers ability to get noticed in today’s cluttered job environment and develop a personal action plan that gets them closer to employment.


Includes 10 modules on core skills required by companies to ensure the jobseeker is not phased by entering employment or placement. This programme ensures the jobseeker is not only aware of the competencies required but learns best practices in a blended learning environment combining both theory and practical application of skills.


Career & Life Planning use Thomas International for their behavioural and personality reports. With a large selection of tests available to choose from, different abilities to select from plus multiple delivery methods. These tests on their own are beneficial but the interpretation of these reports by qualified staff can really help individuals progress faster.


We ensure the CV’s of your participants on Activation Programmes will reflect well on them, improve their self esteem and confidence and move them closer to a work-life balance lifestyle.


Career & Life Plannings Interview Workshops have benefitted numerous people in Ireland, based on practical recruiting experience from our MD, Joe Delaney and his team of Career Employability Specialists.


A Complete Desktop Computer Lab that comfortably caters for up to 20 learners, and can support online training as well as practical skills including ECDL, CV Preparation, Job Searching Skills and other courses requiring access to computers. The computers, tables and chairs are compliant with Solas / ETB standards. The lab includes tables, chairs, Dell Desktop Computers & Monitors, Keyboards & Mice, Wifi Cards or Network Access Available, Wireless Printers and Digital Projector


This one day seminar is highly interactive, engaging, fun and covers what it would be like to be in employment, what benefits it would give them, socially, financially, and also what skills they can offer to employers. Using coaching and recruitment case studies this unique seminar helps people focus on working towards the Enjoyment of Employment.


With many funding programs now looking for positive outcomes, this service helps organisations improve their ability to get better outcomes that are enjoyable for all concerned. Reviewing existing systems, procedures and workflows across marketing material, meetings, documentation, marketing, communication and reporting.

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Previous Programmes

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About CALP Activate

Career & Life Planning Employability and Activation Services

Career & Life Planning trainers are best in class and in addition to a broad range of experience and qualifications; all Career and Life Planning tutors are Career Employability Specialists having attended the Career Employability Specialist Programme which was developed by us in conjunction with the Institute of Employability Professionals (IEP). This course is also available to both the public and organisations and is specifically aimed at trainers and coaches working with unemployed people in job activation programmes, helping people get Work Life Balance Quickly.

The Career Employability Specialist Programme equips the learner with specific skills and techniques to work effectively with jobseekers and build positive relationships. It focuses on how to improve personal development, confidence and practical strategies for gaining employment. It employs the creative and innovative “5 Steps to Success” Methodology and all individuals receive a personal “Emotional Intelligence” report from Thomas International. It provides a deeper understanding of the workings of the employability sector and identifies sources of supports available.

In addition to these, the CES programme applies core coaching principles and practices to its methodology and explains the importance of compliance legislation, ethical conduct, quality assurance and case management when working in the Employability and Activation sector.

Our recent clients in this area have been; Limerick and Clare Education and Training Board (LCETB) where we delivered three Career Planning and Employability Skills Programmes in Kilrush, Shannon and Ennis, Co. Clare. We have also ran several courses for the City of Dublin  Education and Training Board (CDETB) and the Dublin Dún Laoghaire Education and Training Board (DDLETB).

We also recently ran the Career Employability Specialist Programme in Blanchardstown Area Partnership and in Limerick City for people working in the Community Development and Department of Social Protection sectors.

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