About Adapt To Employment Programme

Career & Life Planning has developed the Adapt to Employment Programme to assist jobseekers in their transition back into the workforce. This programme includes 10 modules on the core skills required by companies from their employees. These modules ensure the jobseeker is fully prepared for entering the workforce.
The programme ensures the participants are not only aware of the competencies required but learn best practices in a blended learning environment combining both theory and practical application of skills. The Adapt to Employment Programme will ensure that the jobseeker can transition smoothly into employment.


  1. Business, Email & Culture Etiquette
  2. Communication & Interpersonal Skills
  3. Presentation Skills
  4. Conflict Prevention & Management
  5. Setting Goals & Objectives
  6. Time & Workload Management
  7. Critical/Creative Thinking & Decision Making Skills
  8. Working with Different Generations & Cultures
  9. Working in Teams
  10. Meeting Effectiveness
This program can be delivered in single modules or as an overall program. Delivery is flexible with regards to duration, dates, location and completion.

This programme can be combined with other products & services from our Activate range.

Adapt To Employment Programme Certificate
Recognised Certificate of Completion.

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