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The Custom Success 4 Teens Programme is tailored specifically for organisations, clubs, groups and schools. The programme uses numerous coaching methods and techniques to teach teens life skills to help them through their teenage years and prepare them for any challenges they may face in the future.

Participants will get a chance to learn new skills and techniques to help them tackle issues such as stress in school, relationship problems, family issues, mental health problems, lack of motivation, procrastination, poor time management and self esteem issues.

Our Custom Success 4 Teens Programme can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the teens in your club, school or area. The length, modules and delivery method can be altered so we deliver a highly effective Programme that meets the requirements of the participants.

Programme Details:

Delivery Method:

Our Custom Success 4 Teens Programme can be delivered in a variety of different ways. We can deliver it onsite in person or online using our learning management software. You can choose which method would suit you and your participants best. If you choose to use our learning management software, participants will just need a device such as a mobile phone, laptop or tablet and a secure internet connection to attend the Programme.

Suitable For:

This programme is perfect for organisations who work with teens, clubs or groups with teenage members, schools looking for a unique programme for their students or businesses who want to offer something back to their employees who may have teenage children.


The duration of the Custom Success 4 Teens Programme is up to you. We can deliver the programme in one day, over a number of days or over a few weeks. Each module available in the Programme takes 30 minutes to cover. You can choose what modules you want covered from the list below. This ensures we cover topics of particular interest to the teens who will be participating in the Programme.

Modules Available:

Life Skills – What Are They?

Self Awareness, Self-Esteem & Self-Confidence.

Creating a Personal Development Plan.

Dealing with Change & Developing Resilience.

Managing Yours and Other People’s Emotions.

Positive Living & Working Relationships.

Planning, Setting Goals & Time Management.

Thinking & Decision Making Skills and Problem Solving.

Changing Habits.

Limiting Beliefs.

Letting Go.

Assertiveness & Communication.

Additional Content:

A Psychometric Test is available at an extra cost which can assist teens with their future career/education plans.

5 Steps to Success Coaching Methodology

Our coaching methodology; “5 Steps to Success” is used extensively throughout the Programme to teach our participants lasting methods on how to handle their problems.

Methodology - Success For Teens

1.) Develop the ability to Cope better with being a teenager.

2.) Adapt a different mind-set to what’s going on around them; thoughts, actions and responses with others including themselves.

3.) Improve multiple skills by developing plans for each aspect of their lives including academic, family, friends and hobbies.

4.) Maintain focus, performance, motivation and attention to what’s in their control and new habits.

5.) Develop a plan that allows them to Enjoy a combination of academic, family, friends and self environment quickly and consistently.


Absolutely unreal course.  Very helpful and extremely enjoyable.  Helps to bond people and gives great advice on relationships and communications skills.  Helps people to sort out their lives and the problems and barriers in it.  Thanks. 

Participant from a previous programme

Excellent. Very good course.  I learned a lot about knowing how to be a better student. I found it inspiring and very interesting.  I feel more confident after this.  I now know how to deal with people, especially parents.  I would love to do this course again because I learned so much.  I know how to communicate better and how to have more of an effect on people.

Participant from a previous programme

I found it really interesting.  It changed the way I think and it will help me in the future.  Thanks Joe. 

Participant from a previous programme

I thought it was very interesting and helpful.  There was lots of helpful tips on how to approach different aspects of life.  It put my thoughts about people into perspective.

Participant from a previous programme

I really enjoyed the course.  Joe made the course very fun and was a person who could have fun with.  The course was very interesting and it made you think in a different way which I never did before.  I also thought that it made you change your relationship with your friends.

Participant from a previous programme

The course is very eye opening.  It makes you think differently about yourself.  I will take what I learnt on this course into account. 

Participant from a previous programme

I thought this course was very good and very interesting.  It will help me a lot in the future and I learned a lot from this course.  It was a great experience and a pleasure. 

Participant from a previous programme

I think the course was very good and very interesting.  It helped me with a lot of problems that school couldn’t help me with; confidence, respect, judgement, self-conscious and many other feelings.  The course helped me improve these all.  Also, the presenter Joe was very good.  He connected well with us and that how he helped me and everyone so much.  Thanks for the course it was excellent. 

Participant from a previous programme

I found this course very interesting and wasn’t what I was expecting.  I thoroughly enjoyed the course and I found it brilliant. 

Participant from a previous programme

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