CV Preparation Workshop for your Clients

As part of many activation programs, progression into placement, FET, (Further Education or Training) or employment, will require a well presented CV. We ensure the CV’s your participants on Activation Programs will reflect well on them, improve their self-esteem and confidence and move them closer to a work-life balance lifestyle.

All our CV’s are prepared professionally; checked for quality and presented back in both Word and PDF formats to your organisation as well as the participants. This ensures that when sending CV’s to prospective companies for placement/employment the host company will be very impressed with the level of detail gone into preparing participants for placement.

With years of experience in recruitment & career coaching, our team of trainers and staff are all qualified Career Employability Specialists who are experts in getting CV’s to a very high and professional standard. Also now our professionals can be found in different locations of Ireland like Galway, Limerick, etc and USA like Boston, New York, etc.

Modules: CV Preparation Workshop

CV Templates

We have developed 5 CV templates for participants to choose from that we will work to ensure their CV reflects a style that they are comfortable with. Visual impressions count as well as quality content. Before designing the CV, we meet each participant and discuss what direction or theme they have in mind before setting it up. CV production is a participative process where we work with each person before and during to ensure high quality is achevied consistently. We offer those to help people decide which format suits but are happy to work with individuals who have their own CV created and want to update it professionally.

Participant Profiles

We frequently work with people at all stages in their career; from those who are young, inexperienced with little or no qualifications to mid –level professionals and very senior executives. We understand that different people will need different CV’s depending at what stage they are at in their careers and are condiment we will deliver a highly professional and quality CV no matter what the level of the participant is at.

CV Format

Each CV we produce consists of the following headings to ensure all aspects of skills, education, work experience and interests are captured;

1. Personal Details (Linked In Profile optional)
2. Personal Profile
3. Education & Training
4. Computer & Systems Experience
5. Work History including both Achievements & Responsibilities
6. Hobbies & Interests
7. References

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