CALP Success Tangible Return on Investment Metrics

Provides managers with the pivotal skills and supports that enables them to manage  their workload, their staff and their managers effectively in a modern business environment for personal, professional and organisational benefit.

Calp Success is an Evidence Based Model*

The Forgetting Curve

The forgetting curve shows how information is lost over time when there is no attempt to retain it. No matter how good the training is or how relevant, the reality is people forget shortly after training occurs.

CALP Success eliminates the Forgetting Curve, and gets better results.

We researched best practice techniques and designed the management training programme to give maximum impact in a short period of time combining training, coaching, reporting and presentation skills to give better and faster results and increased accountability.

Who is the programme suitable for?

  • Managers who are new to management
  • Selected employees within the first 12 months of employment
  • Permanent employees who are changing jobs or roles
  • Employees who are taking on additional responsibility on a project
  • Existing Managers who need to upgrade critical management and leadership skills

Benefits for the organisation

  • Suitable for all levels of manager/employee
  • Can be tailored to suit different business needs in local or global markets quickly
  • Create a culture where key personnel are engaged with their work and want to remain, learn and grow
  • Develop and promote talent within your organisation
  • Improve accountability, performance and results
  • Flexible delivery options that maximise return for organisation on investment

Benefits for the Individual

  • Programme tailored to the individual’s specific competency needs 
  • Focus on the individual’s interpersonal skills and build better relationships
  • Defined measurable objectives that improve performance
  • Develop more Focus on performance and accountability
  • Deliver clearer and more accurate communication throughout the organisation
  • Assess the individual’s own performance as a manager and plan to improve it
  • Learn how to maintain that performance

5 Management Development Programme Components


  • Our own coaching methodology “5 Steps to Success” equips managers with the skills to Cope & Adapt to changing roles or requirements
  • Improve personal and team performance based on new company and individual goals
  • Maintain heightened levels of performance consistently & Enjoy their transition to their new role
  • Add real value quickly to themselves, their staff, their manager, their organisation and Enjoy their work-life better, jointly


  • Over 30 Modules available to choose from
  • Outcomes built into each module before the participant starts the course which needs input from both employee and manager
  • Work based assignments allow employees to understand there is accountability to demonstrate where / how they have applied the learning within an agreed time frame (not greater than 3 months) of commencing the module.
  • Both employee and Manager conduct rating on competency before module training begins which is measured before and after training


  • Coaching and mentoring is provided by highly skilled experts at regular intervals 2 weeks after training commences to focus the employee on reaching their agreed goals by using the skills from the training. Our experts can be found in different locations of Ireland like Galway, Limerick, etc. and USA like Boston, New York, etc.
  • Employees learn how to apply the training to tasks, and meet the expectation that has been agreed
  • Accountability and expectations are critical to set a clear message that there is an outcome expected from the training



  • Interim short meetings are scheduled with their manager during the module to ensure progression, reporting and accountability


  • Employee explains what they have learned from the selected module
  • What areas have they have identified for improvement
  • What has been achieved to date
  • Projected outcomes they expect to attain.


Each module has a work based assignment Employees demonstrate where they have applied the learning The organisation sees an instant Return on Investment and Added Value from the employee.

30 Modules to Choose From

Any of the following 30 Modules can be selected, to meet the needs of the individuals on your team

Mandatory Unit: Introduction to 5 Steps to Success Methodology

FREE of charge. Takes 90 minutes. Manager and employee must attend together.

Delivery Format

Pre Programme

  • Employee & Manager to agree on Module.
  • Complete 5 steps to Success
  • Times & Dates Confirmed.
  • Employees Self Assessment & Manager Assessment of employees on Competency on chosen module
  • Employee and Manager agrees 2 Goals based on the chosen module


  • Learning begins in a 1 on 1 format, either in person, via telephone, web based or self directed learning    
  • Best in class tools and techniques are delivered to the employee
  • Under this phase employee now has the tools to help them realise agreed goals.

Mentoring #1

  • Mentoring provided either in person, via telephone or web based to help the employee achieve their goals.
  • This coaching is specific to the goals agreed and to using the tools from the learning to achieve agreed goals.
  • Employee is Mentored by Qualified Coach.
  • Ensures employee stays focused on using learning techniques to achieve agreed goals.

Interim Manager Report

Employee presents to Manager on;

  • Training Content.
  • Agreed Goals.
  • Progress on meeting goals using learning.

Presentation Skills

The Employee is provided with best in class tools and techniques to improve their Presentation Skills

Mentoring #2

Continued use of the material from employee training and setting goals presentation to help achieve identified goals. This session ensures employee are measuring the activities you have done and can demonstrate the results of your actions.

Report completed by Employee

Progress Report completed by Employee.

Self Assessment by Employee

Employee completes a Self Assessment Survey on improvements made in Competency on chosen module

Final Meeting with Manager

Employee presents to Manager on Progress on meeting goals using learning.

Final Reports

Reports on Competency Assessments: Comparing Pre Module and Post Module results.

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