About Employer Engagement & Creating Demand for the Jobseeker Programme

With many funding programmes now looking for positive outcomes which include placement / employment as standard, this service from Calp Activate helps organisations improve their ability to get better outcomes that are enjoyable for all concerned.
The following critical skills are necessary for the successful delivery of Activation Programmes and include recruiting, coaching, training, sales, marketing, social media, administration and reporting. Not having proficiency or expertise in these can impact your organisations ability to reach agreed outcomes.
This programme examines all aspects of your organisations capacity in these areas for all stakeholders relevant to the Activation Programme, and makes recommendations that help organisations become more effective in reaching outcomes faster. We can also partner with you to not only make the recommendations but work with you to introduce better systems that get results faster.
The employer engagement & creating demand for jobseeker programme was developed in response to working with many organisations nationally in training their staff on our “Career Employability Specialist” program that we developed in conjunction with the Institute of Leadership and Management & the Institute of Employability Professionals. During the training we learned about the challenges they face in their roles, gaps in some critical areas, and helped them identify opportunities to improve their processes and systems to get them closer to outcomes faster for all concerned.

This unique programme focuses on,

  • Creating demand for the jobseeker among local businesses and organisations.
  • Help jobseekers “find” your organisation in a crowded market so you can help them move closer to a work-life balance lifestyle quickly and realise your activation targets.
  • Create meaningful and sustainable relationships for your organisation with both jobseekers and host organisations/employers.

Objectives of Employer Engagement & Creating Demand for Jobseeker Programme

  • Review Existing Systems / Training / Material / Resources for staff in generating opportunities for jobseekers for employment/internships
  • Develop practical skills in sourcing opportunities through various techniques
  • Develop better internal communication and work-flows
  • Learn how to manage expectations of both parties
  • Understand how to create demand for the jobseeker by developing a comprehensive pre, during and post-employment / placement plan
  • Know what competencies are necessary to create demand for the jobseeker consistently
  • Learn best practice techniques from recruiters in sourcing placement opportunities for jobseekers

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