Teens Success Coaching

Is your teen feeling stressed or anxious?


Are they struggling in school?


Are they worried about the future?


Are they facing relationship problems with family or friends?


Are they just not themselves?


Our Online Success 4 Teens Program USA can help your teen if they are dealing with any of these issues.

Our Program teaches and empowers teens to use numerous coaching methods and life skills to help them deal with their problems. The life skills the participants learn will continue to help them make improvements long after the program ends.

Equip your teen with the powerful life tools and techniques that will enable them to live their lives to the fullest.

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Details about Program:

Delivery Method:

The Online Success 4 Teens Program is delivered in full online using our learning management system. Participants will be able to attend the classes from the comfort of their own homes via the internet. Teens can use a mobile phone, tablet or laptop to attend. Each class is recorded live as it takes place and sent on to all participants once it is finished. This means if a participant would like to review the class at any stage or misses a class they can watch it at any time. No matter where you are in the world you can benefit from our Success 4 Teens classes. A limited number of participants will be allowed to sign up to each program to ensure everyone can have their voice heard.


The first Online Success 4 Teens Program USA Class will take place on Saturday October 3rd at 11am EDT. The Program will take place over the course of 4 weeks. There is one class a week and each class lasts 2 hours. Each 2 hour class covers three 30 minute modules and includes two 10 minute breaks between modules and a period at the end for participants to ask our trainer any questions. The cost for one teen to participate on the Program is $250. We’re running a special discount until the 21st of September of 20% off for everyone that signs up. That means until Monday the 21st of September the cost for one teen to participate in the Program is $200. Once you sign up for the course we will issue you with an invoice for the cost. This will have to be paid before the Program is due to begin in order to have access to the webinar.

Program Outline:

Week 1:

Life Skills – What Are They? (30 Minutes)
10 Minute Break.
Self Awareness, Self-Esteem & Self-Confidence. (30 Minutes)
10 Minute Break.
Creating a Personal Development Plan. (30 Minutes)
Questions & Answers. (10 Minutes)

Week 2:

Dealing with Change & Developing Resilience. (30 Minutes)
10 Minute Break.
Managing Yours and Other People’s Emotions. (30 Minutes)
10 Minute Break.
Positive Living & Working Relationships. (30 Minutes)
Questions & Answers. (10 Minutes)

Week 3:

Planning, Setting Goals & Time Management. (30 Minutes)
10 Minute Break.
Thinking & Decision Making Skills and Problem Solving. (30 Minutes)
10 Minute Break.
Changing Habits. (30 Minutes)
Questions & Answers. (10 Minutes)

Week 4:

Limiting Beliefs. (30 Minutes)
10 Minute Break.
Letting Go. (30 Minutes)
10 Minute Break.
Assertiveness & Communication. (30 Minutes)
Final Questions & Answers. (10 Minutes)

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