Career & Life Planning offers a variety of coaching options to suit an individual executive or team:

  • Business Transformation
    Make changes to your business to achieve goals, and improve processes and productivity.

  • Individual Executive Coaching
    Identify goals and objectives, and learn to achieve them.

  • Team Development Coaching
    Improve teamwork, cohesion, communication and working relationships.
  • Presentations Coaching
    Deliver presentations that are more enjoyable for you and for the people who you are presenting to.

  • Transitions Coaching
    Adapt to changes in your position, career or company.
  • Outplacement
    Help to support former employees as they re-enter the job market, and transition to new jobs.

  • Relocation
    From individuals to groups, we can help your employees with their move.

Career & Life Planning has trained over 70 consultants in our Coaching Methodology and offers a network of highly skilled and qualified coaches who can help you realise your objectives.

About CALP Executive Coaching

Business & Executive Coaching can add significant value to an organisation by ensuring that the performance of key individuals is managed and developed. The core success of Career & Life Planning’s Executive Coaching Service is broken into 3 key areas; Research, Managing Change and Support.


By researching the background of the individual and organisation plus the challenges that lie ahead for both, a clear understanding is created and the process of assessing options on how best to map out the scope and direction of the program is created.

Managing Change

In Managing Change, a series of coaching sessions with relevant individuals is conducted either in person, phone or Group, to help develop the necessary skills required for continued and improved performance. This process provides the structure for effective feedback, increased self-awareness, identification of strategies that will improve performance.

Business Coaching Support

Effective monitoring of the individual’s behaviour is critical to ensure the benefits of the program are realised and that the agreed goals set during the program are maintained. The return on investing in Business Coaching, plus incorporating results from personality profiling, can be significant. By identifying the barriers that are impeding performance and introduction of personal plans that realise the individuals full potential, will help motivate that person towards professional and personal improvement while achieving better improved business results.

The Benefits of Executive Coaching

  • Support that integrates with individuals work-life schedule
  • Increase in performance and results quickly
  • More engagement and focus from executives on critical skills
  • Proven methodology for coaching that delivers results
  • Suitable for all levels of manager and organisation
  • Can be tailored to suit different business needs in local or global markets quickly.

Areas that Career & Life Planning work on with you and your business include:

  • Idea Formation
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Research
  • Franchise as a Career
  • SWOT Preparation & Action Plan
  • Funding/Grants
  • Revenue Potential & Projections
  • Application form completion
  • Complete Business Planning
  • Social Media Strategies
  • Offline & Online Strategies
  • Website Design
  • Introduction to social Media Networking
  • Email & SMS Marketing
  • Weekly Reporting
  • “Reasons & Results” approach
  • Communications & PR Strategy

Executive Competencies Required

This graph illustrates the change in focus that executives need as they progress in their career.
As managers move to new levels of responsibility in their roles, introducing new systems, tools and techniques to help them become more effective is critical to ensure Enjoyment & Success for all concerned.

Coaching Methodology:  “5 Steps to Success”

Our coaching methodology has a consistent theme of working towards Enjoyment & Success by ensuring the outcomes for all participants; employee, manager and organisation are realised during our Coaching Programmes. We ensure executives; Cope & Adapt to Changing Roles. Improve personal and team performance based on new company and individual goals Maintain heightened levels of performance consistently. Enjoy their transition to their new role, add real value and manage their work-life balance, jointly.

This methodology can be used as a coaching framework to help individuals and organisations deal with change and support managers as they transition in roles and expectations for both personal and professional benefit.

Our System

We have developed a customised coaching software program that allows us to support the manager through both in person coaching, phone/Skype as well as interactions on social media and SMS messaging. This ensures we keep in regular contact with each manager as they transition to their new role and interact with them delivering specific content applicable to their needs.

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