Career & Life Plannings Interview Coaching has benefitted numerous people in Ireland today based on practical recruiting experience from the MD of Career & Life Planning, Joe Delaney and his team of Career Employability Specialists.

We work with individuals at all levels (unemployed, graduate, professional & executive level) and help them de-risk the interview process to ensure they prepare confidently, and competently so they deliver an interview that they are very happy with.

Although we cannot guarantee the outcome of every interview, our results are impressive in this area. The process we have developed ensures people are fully aware of all the components of an interview; learn, rehearse and practice key answers so they are relaxed and confident on the day of the interview.

In order to best prepare the interviewee, we feel it’s best to break Interview Skills into 3 Phases to give them the material, time, support and confidence to succeed at interviews.

Phase 1: Understanding the Basics of Interview Delivery
Phase 2: Mock Interview & Feedback
Phase 3: Interview Preparation for Placement/Employment

Phase 1: Understanding the Basics of Interview Delivery

This program allows individuals to understand the level of detail required to deliver a confident interview with practical tips and advice based on their individual needs.

  • Interview Preparation Template & Checklist to ensure key points have been rehearsed
  • Taking the stress out of interviews, and managing your expectations
  • Before the Interview – Research and Appearance
  • How to create a good impression, and how to listen during interviews
  • Common mistakes individuals make during Interviews
  • How to prepare for informal interviews including the “chat” interview
  • Aligning CV into different stages of Interview
  • Preparing an Opening Statement
  • Excellent Answers to likely Questions
  • Preparing answers to Competency Questions using “STAR” Technique
  • Preparing Questions for interviewers
  • Delivering a memorable and positive Closing Statement
  • How and when to follow up after the interview
  • How to deal with second interview, acceptance or rejection

Phase 2: Mock Interview & Feedback

This segment allows the individual to rehearse what they have learned in Phase 1 and apply it to a position they are interested in applying for.

This is an interview where we will prepare questions for a job that they will submit to us in advance. Participants will have to dress appropriately for this. Feedback and recommendations for improvement will be reviewed and included as part of this meeting.

  • Interview completed by “Career Employment Specialist”
  • Review of CV & Career History
  • Competency Based Questions
  • Personality & Behavioural Questions
  • Completion of Interview Score Card
  • Observations / Questions from participant post interview and report

Phase 3: Interview for Placement/Employment/Further Education Opportunity

This Phase allows the individual to review all previous material from Phase 1 & Phase 2 and apply it to a “Real Placement/Employment/Further Education” Interview.

This is an ideal dress rehearsal for their interview where full interview is conducted, recommendations included and also, time-line for them to help stay focused on delivering confident and competent interview. Support is available and provided right up until day of interview to ensure person is organised and confident before interview.

  • Interview completed by “Career Employment Specialist”
  • Competency Based Questions based on position applied for
  • Observations / questions from participant post interview and report
  • Recommendations to improve performance
  • Template to plan competencies of open role
  • Cheat Sheet to help them on morning of interview to rehearse key answers to questions
  • Completion of Interview Score Card

Personality Reports
Personality Profiles can really help with interview preparation, and help participants to gain confidence based on the following statements that are included in profiles:

  • Values this person brings to an organisation
  • Descriptive Words About you
  • You in the workplace
  • Key Career criteria
  • Areas to improve on
  • Your work strengths
  • Job Possibilities
  • Self-motivation


Before coaching began I was very nervous and afraid of doing a bad interview. I found the coaching techniques shared with me and the mock interview very helpful. After coaching finished I was still a little bit nervous but much better than before. I gained confidence. Joe is very funny and a very helpful coach with a wealth of knowledge about interviews.


I would recommend Career & Life Planning’s Interview Coaching Services before every interview. After coaching I was more confident, more focused, now aware of new interview skills highlighting my new strong characteristics. Joe is efficient and will email you a suitable slot to be available for communication.


Before coaching began I was hoping that it would give me confidence going into the interview. The coaching methods shared with me were very useful. Coaching helped me to identify my goals and the pathways I could use to achieve my goals. I was given pointers which helped me to focus on what I was looking for in both my professional and personal life. The guidance I received helped me greatly in the interview process and I believe led me to being offered the position and I’m most grateful to Joe for all his help.


I felt panicked and unprepared for an upcoming interview and unsure about competencies so I got in touch with Career & Life Planning. I thought the process of coaching was good, I got a bit jaded in the middle but we got there in the end. The process forced me to prepare and remember key points as opposed to rambling and not hitting the points needed. After I had completed coaching I felt prepared and calm. I could have done with another 48 hours to prepare but that was down to me & not the coaching. I feel that coaching benefited me during my interview. I’ve already given Career & Life Planning’s details to a number of my colleagues. I found the process invaluable as it forced me to prepare and not leave everything until the last minute. I would definitely use the service again and would include the application form preparation at that stage.


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