Career & Life Planning will work with both the parent(s) and the student (when required) in a variety of areas, based on the stage the student is at. We help with pre-college choices and decisions and also during college with regard to career planning after graduation.

This process allows parents and students the ability to cope better with the challenges they face and ensure that the transition into or out of college works effectively for all concerned. We regularly work with students to develop and achieve their academic, career and personal goals.

Topics Covered

  • Setting Goals & Objectives
    How to Set Goals & Objectives, and more importantly, achieving them.
  • Study Techniques and Improving Concentration
    Learn to make the most of your study time
  • Distractions such as Social media
    Learn to limit your dependance on your phone, computer or game console
  • Time Management and Preparing a Study Plan
    Examples of study plans or timetables that could be used to help  plan and prioritise personal and academic activities.

  • Dealing with Exam Stress
    We can teach you some coping techniques to minimise stress
  • Attitude
    A positive mental attitude, will power and enthusiasm go a long way towards succeeding in any aspect of life
  • Dealing with Personal or Family issues
    Life outside of school or college can have a big impact on your education. We can teach you some coping techniques.
  • Choosing a Course and a Career
    What are your Academic strengths, and how to put them to use for a better future

  • College Application
    Help with Application Form Completion, and the process as a whole
  • Presentation Skills:
    Career & Life Planning work with students in a variety of situations to help them deliver presentations that simply are more Enjoyable for them and for the people who they are presenting to
  • Parental Support
    Presenting tips to help Parents support their son or daughter more effectively during their education. This would offer them a better understanding of challenges students are facing and how they may be able to support them

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