Career & Life Planning aims to provide coaching to the unemployed job seeker, which will provide them with a way of navigating the job application process.

In today’s market, the single best tool a candidate can possess is exceptional preparation.
Career & Life Planning will aim to equip you with the following:

15 Strategies to Leave Unemployment

Each of these strategies is critically important in your ability to get noticed in today’s cluttered job environment.
Identifying barriers that exist in each area and putting plans in place to overcome them are critical to being successful. Interviews are getting harder to get and competition for places is at a premium.

You must be very well prepared!

Ensure you are confident in each of these strategies so that you can climb the next step in your career ladder.

Leave Unemployment Modules (For those not employed or in placement)

  • Change Management
  • Positive Attitude
  • CV Strategy
  • Recruiters Strategy
  • Networking Strategy
  • Research Strategy
  • Alumni Strategy
  • Interview Delivery
  • Past Employer & Referral
  • Continuous Personal & Professional Development
  • Event & Offline
  • Volunteering Strategy
  • Social Media Networking
  • Hidden Job Market
  • Online Job Boards

Professional CV Design

Career & Life Planning focuses on:

  • Understanding the recruiting process today and how it works.
  • Getting you to design a CV that will accurately reflect what you have done and get you noticed quickly by employers
  • Dealing with issues that are stopping you from realising your potential

However, having a good CV is just the minimum standard required today to get noticed. The process of getting employed is much more than doing up a CV and emailing it to a company hoping they’ll hire you.

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Interview Skills & Techniques

This is the most critical piece of the equation in getting a job, how will you convince someone that you are better qualified and suited to this role. This will involve some or all of the following techniques

  • Developing your interview skills
  • Practice / Mock interview (DVD recording service available)
  • Feedback and Analysis
  • Refining your interview techniques
  • Being in control of the process

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Job Searching Techniques

Career & Life Planning has a 15 Strategy process to help you in finding that elusive job.  Some or all of these elements are critical in helping you build a successful platform from which you can focus on attaining your goal.

  • Cope with the personal stuff that is holding you back.
  • Adapt your strategy to suit your skill-set.
  • Improve this on a regular basis
  • Maintain your improvement
  • Enjoy this approach to new opportunities

Just like building a foundation for your house, you’ve got to visualise what the house looks like. From there, you can start planning how to build it. Similar to the job searching process, the plan is critical. Career & Life Planning helps you to design the plan and guides you along the way of realising it.

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